Know about Lasers

Quality of Lasers & Quality of Laser Machines play important role for achieving results.

COSMETIC LASER Technology is sure & best technology for improving beauty when of most standard laser producing machines are used. We use top most quality machines which are available only at our centre in North Maharashtra

Lasers are tool of medical treatment. These are safe provided laser machines should be product by reputed manufacturer & used by experienced expert.

What is LASER?

Long form of LASER is 'Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.'Laser is intense beam of bright light which travels in one direction. Every type of laser has precise and selective wavelength. LASER beam is monochromatic (has single wave length) collimated (very low divergence of flight waves) and coherent (i.e. its all light waves are in same wave at particular point and time). So, this well contolled energy can be used for specific cosmetic treatments. LASERs act selectively. The light of routine bulb has many colours, multiple wavelengths and scattered. So, routine light is not effective like LASER.

Laser waves are absorbed by certain substances which are called as chromophore. Haemoglobin, melanin water & fat are chromophore in the body. So, Lasers are the target specific & precise in action. There are varieties of lasers used for different problem. Ultra pulse® fractional CO2 laser, Top flat wave Q switch Nd: YAG laser, Long pulse Nd: YAG laser, Diode lasers, Pulse dye laser & are most commonly used lasers on India skin.

Laser waves selectively act only on the cells which contain these chromophores. Laser waves do not act on other cells. Laser is non-ionizing. So, it does not cause mutation in cells & so it does not cause cancer or any other disease.

Quality of lasers:

Laser have two types of waves. Top flat wave beam technology & Gaussian beam wave technology. Lasers machine which produces Top flat wave lasers beam give better results than gaussean beam waves laser. Laser machines which produce Top flat waves beam are costlier. So those are available at few centres in India including our centre. All lasers at our centre are of Flat wave beam technology.

When laser waves are absorbed in target cells they respond by photochemical, photothermal & photomechanical action.

Why lasers are important tools in medical & surgical treatment?

Laser are effective in medical problem in which modern medical science is not useful at all e.g. Unwanted hair removal, skin resurfacing hyperpigmentation problem, lesions of blood vessels, birth mark etc. Lasers are precise in action. Lasers act on certain chromophore containing tissue, so other tissue are not harmed.

Laser are grouped into
1) ablative lasers which cause mild visible injury.
2) non ablative lasers which produce tissue changes without causing and visible injury.

Why Lasers are preferred in surgery to improve beauty?

Lasers have an ability to blast away or diminish imperfections or growth with a minimum bleeding, bruising and scarring. Lasers are of different varieties. It is better to get treated at the centre where multiple types of lasers are available. Laser is more precise tool to perform complex micro procedures with far more accuracy. Laser procedures & laser surgery have revolutionized many cosmetic surgery procedures and their results. Due to use of chemically rich cosmetics, skin become chemically toxic & sensitive. Laser are physical tool. Being physical in nature they are more effective than chemical peel on chemically toxic skin. There is better control on use of power & depth of penetration of laser than chemical treatment.

Why cosmetic laser treatment is costlier?

Cosmetic Laser treatment cost is more than traditional procedures because it needs special costly instruments These costly machines need more maintenance care. & their life is limited to 5 - 8 years. Each type of LASER has its own advantage. Due to availability of multiple equipments of LASERS, suitable effects can be achieved at the same centre like ours. This ensures a broad range of application to variety of cosmetic problems. So, results of our procedure have consistent tone.

Types of LASER treatment:

There are two broadly grouped laser treatments:

1) Ablative laser treatment:

These lasers worked by causing visible harm to the diseased tissue. CO2 laser and Erbium YAG lasers are routinely used for ablative type of treatment. fractional CO2 laser wave act (Lumenis) effectively by causing mild visible injury. Results are seen immediately & these results continue to improve further up to 3 - 6 months. It is effective in resurfacing of the skin. Skin resurfacing is effective in all types of scars (acne scars, burn scar, accidental scars, chicken pox scars, other scars), wrinkles, rough skin, thick layer of pigmentation, static wrinkle Acanthosis negricans, dark circles around eyes, darkness around mouth, dark layers on the forehead, etc.

2) Non ablative laser treatment :

These lasers act by causing no visible harm to diseased tissue. To improve fairness, dark colour complexion, acne, texture, dark areas, dark spots, sun tan, freckles, lentigens on the skin for removal of unwanted hair, red spot, haemengioma, protwine stain, scars, this method is used. It also improve appearance or colour complexion of burn scars & skin complexion anywhere on the body. This procedure is often called as laser facial skin rejuvenation.

Misconcepts about Lasers and Laser Treatments:

Misconcepts like Laser causes cancer, harm skin, make the skin loose, etc. are present in the community. Persons who have no knowledge of medical cosmetic laser treatment tend to speak about such misconcepts and discourage needy persons to take laser cosmetic treatment. These needy persons often come for laser treatment very late as a last hope. These misconceptions due to ignorancy, half knowledge and fear. Laser is recent technology. Misconcepts often keep the patients away from advantages of effective treatment.

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