Microlipo injection or autologous fat transfer is procedure used to recounter the face and to increase prominence of cheeks, chin, lip and lower part below the eyes. Fat injection also helps to improve any contour, depression, fine and deep wrinkle lines, furrows which appear with aging process or weight loss. In young patients tissue transplant and fat grafts is done to improve pits of acne scars and unwanted depressed areas on the face or anywhere on the body. Tissue transplant is very useful in scars of acne. As this is one's own fat, it is not harmful at all and it does not cause any tissue reaction or allergy. If the area where fat is injected is non-movement area, the results are long lasting. e.g. area of grooves under the eyes, sunken cheeks. Lip is highly mobile and so these results are less favorable. So dermal grafts are used for permanent increase volume of the lips. Atrophic aging of the skin on the hands and the breast can also be treated. (refer chapter 9.2)

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