I) 'Laser Facial' Skin Rejuvenation (Non- Ablative/Non-Surgical Procedure) Detailed treatment is discussed in this chapter.

II) Laser facial skin resurfacing (Ablative/Surgical procedure) Ref.chapter no. 4.3

III) Total skin rejuvenation with Laser Ref.(chapter no. 4.4)

Depending upon severity of tanning, dark patches, dark layers on the skin following two laser procedures mentioned below can be used alone or in combination.

I) Laser Facial Skin rejuvenation of the skin non-ablative/non-surgical/medical laser Treatment: With Q switch laser: (nanotechnology): To improve mild tanning and mild dark spots, bleaching medicines crystal microdermabrasion, diamond micro dermabrasion, electroporation, Intense pulse light (IPL) photo facial procedures are done but skin rejuvenation with top flat beam Q Switch Nd:YAG laser is more effective than all these cosmetic procedures.

In case of severe tanning or severe photo damage or dark spots first fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing is done then flat wave beam of Q Switch Nd: YAG laser skin rejuvenation is done. This is called as total laser skin rejuvenation. They need long term follow up. If one wants still more results then other modalities of treatment are used along with this treatment to improve results further or to improve severely advanced problem.

'Laser Facial Skin Rejuvenation' treatment is done for skin rejuvenation without any harm.

Purpose: a) to improve quality of the skin, fairness, glow, tightness, oiliness/dryness and smoothness b) to reduce or to eradicate pimples, dark stains or spots, darkness and size of pores. Such types laser skin rejuvenation can be done on the face, surface of eyelid, lip, neck, hands, back etc.

Quality of laser: 'Flat wave beam' of Q Switch Nd: YAG laser skin rejuvenation is treatment of choice (Refer: ). 'Gaussean wave beam' of Q switch Nd: YAG laser machines are also available at certain cosmetic laser center which are less effective in achieving good results as compared to flat wave.

Person needs 6 to 12 sitting at gap of 4-8 weeks. Most of the person get good results in 6 treatment sittings. Some of them may need maintainance sitting, at the gap of 4 to 12 months interval. Those persons who are frequently exposed to various factors which spoil beauty of the skin need maintainance care at certain interval.

Due to hereditary/racial, trends & past damage in the skin, there is variation in extent of improvement of fairness. Our Look Young Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre has Topmost, safest & most effective lasers in North Maharashtra (Refer: )

Laser Facial skin rejuvenation with Q switch laser treatment at our centre: We have most advanced nano technology i.e. Flat wave Q-switch Nd:YAG Laser machine from United States of America (USA) called Medlite-C6 (Refer: ) which is the most suited to Indian skin. Lasers of this machine helps to improve fairness, texture & glow of the skin. Hyperpigmented spots, dark spots & wrinkles on the skin gradually reduce or disappear. Skin becomes tighter. Aging appearance of the skin reduces dramatically.

Use of various combinations of technologies

  • a) Laser Facial: (One machine Technology
  • b) Plus Laser Facial: ('Two machines' Technologies)
  • c) Delux Laser Facial: ('Three machines' Technologies)
  • d) Ultimate Laser Facial: ('Four machines' Technologies)

II) Ablative Laser or Ultrapulse® CO2 Laser skin rejuvenation: To remove dark, thicker layer on the skin (e.g. on naso labial fold, area around angle of lips, forehead, (is men), around eyes.) One needs to undergo 1 to 3 sittings of Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing. Generally most of persons improve satisfactorily in one treatment sitting.

III) Total skin rejuvenation with laser: It is a combination of Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser skin rejuvenation & Laser facial non-ablative skin rejuvenation procedures mentioned above. When person want very good results or person has severe problem, this procedure is done. Firs ablative Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing is done to improve dark laser, roughness, wrinkles & Scars. Then that area is treated with 3-10 sitting of Q switch Nd: YAG laser to improve its colour tone & other qualities.

Glow on the skin: Most of us are crazy for fairness & glow on the skin. Quality of skin is often assessed on the basis of the glow. Glow is result of smoothness, fairness, elasticity, (tightness), partial translucency uniformity of colour tone, and reduced size of pores on the skin surface, These various qualities of the skin can be achieved & easily maintained if health of the skin and body is good. So when we think of improving glow on the skin, one should not just think of application of cosmetic products on the skin but should also think of improving balance of skin health & body health. Good health maintains glow of the protected skin. Glow & health of the skin go hand in hand.

When we need 'Laser Facial' procedure?

Lack of glow on the skin (dullness of the skin), & reducation in fairness, mild to moderate darker areas on the face (uneven mild to moderate colour tone) are most common problems which everybody of us faces in india. Ageing changes, photodamage changes & effects of acne problems are seen in most of these cases.

Photo-damage of the skin: Most of us have normal skin up to 14-20 years of age. After this age skin does not remain normal & become oily or dry or mixed. In some persons it becomes sensitive to sunlight, ultraviolet in strong artificial light, chemical in cosmetics. As age advances it becomes matured, tanned, photo damaged, scarred, loose with multiple dark spots or areas on the patches on face. Certain areas of the skin on the face are susceptible to become darker. e.g. in area around eyes, & mouth. In gents forehead, zygomatic area (adjacent to outer side if eyes), area on nasolabial fold is also susceptible to become darker. So such darker colour tone is due to melanosis, photodamage & aging changes.

Treatment of early aging and damaged skin/ Acne, darkspots / scars caused by acne, or other injuries in uneven colour tone, darker changes (melanosis) in skin around eyes/mouth, roughness of skin, looseness of skin, wrinkles etc, develop on the skin of the face. Although quality of the skin on the face is best as compared to the skin on the body, still most of us develop medical cosmetic problems on the face. Skin of the face is often easily affected by changes in health, hormonal level, stress, ageing emotional problems, nutritional problem & health problem as overweight, life style, habits, improper use of cosmetics, over use of cosmetics, self-medication, lack of knowledge about skin scientific care, taking non-medical cosmetic treatment in medical cosmetic problem etc Most of us want fair, clear, soft, smooth, glowing skin. But skin appears spoiled in most of the middle aged persons. So cosmetic medical treatment on the skin of the face should be combined with oral/ general treatment, proper skin care,changes in lifestyle/ environment/ habits/ diet, etc.

Are there any complications due to laser facial skin rejuvenation?

Usually none but there may be temporary redness and burning sensation and very rarely superficial burn, if skin is very sensitive.

b) Abltative/ Surgical procedure of laser skin resurfacing: Ref. next chapter

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