Liposuction in overweight


What is Liposuction?

Liposuction involves surgical loosening and removal of fat from an area. In liposuction excess unwanted fat & unevently distributed fat is sucked permanently to change contour of the body. It is done under anaesthesia through small hole of 4-5 mm diameter. So that part improves in shape. One loses the weight equal to that of fat removed. As live fat cells are removed the fat is removed permanently. Liposuction is used as adjunct to healthy life style. Those who are ready to make changes in their diet and ready to exercise are good candidate for liposuction. These have 96% chances of decreasing in clothing size. As excess fat which has toxic effect on the body is removed.

They have 15 times more likely to be happy with results and long term outcomes. Liposuction can remove stubborn areas of fat that don´t respond to traditional weight-loss methods. If patient maintains weight following Liposuction the results are permanent. In United States of America & Europe, liposuction is the most popular and accepted cosmetic surgery. In USA, 5 lac people undergo this surgery every year. In India this procedure is fastly getting popularity.

When Liposuction is done?

When diet, exercises and medical treatment fails to reduce fat, in certain areas of body that part still appear ugly to improve attractive shape of that part liposuction is done to remove fat permanently. It is safe, effective method of removing excess fat.

It is done generally between 18-50 years of age up to 5 Kg overweight. With permanent solution patient must keep realistic approach & realistic expectations.

Bad effect of excess fat in the body : Excess fat in the body cause slow & invisible nuisance in function of body. This fat increases metabolic overload. This fat disturbs function of hormone. Thus there are many side effects of having excess fat in the body.

What is fat?

Fat is usual component of tissue below the skin. Its thickness varies at various sites of the body and so it gives attractive contour to body. Pattern of fat distribution differ among the races, ages and sexes. Although total number of fat cells remain same in adult life, fat cells increase in size when person gains weight and these fat cells become smaller when person loses weight.

Fat in Women :

Women have more fat than men. Women fat cells are disproportionately more in areas of buttocks, upper thighs, hips. In men, even distribution of fat cells is observed in the trunk. Due to excess fat in body, extra fat accumulates in certain areas of the body. Fat in belly in more on external part of abdomen. So women are benefited more by liposuction of abdomen.

Fat in Men :

In men intra-abdominal fat is more & in women subcutaneous fat is more. So results of liposuction are more appreciated in ladies. Some people have fat inside the abdomen which cannot be treated by liposuction. In males extra abdominal fat is less & intra-abdominal fat is more. To reduce intra-abdominal fat one needs to depend more on dieting & exercises. .


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