Nasal reshaping in various nasal defects of shape of the nose:

Nose reshaping surgery can dramatically improves shape of the imperfect nose, ugly nose, crooked nose, deviated nose, depressed bridge of nose, oversize nose etc. As one ages, the top of the nose becomes drooping & difficulty in breathing develops. Such tips can be elevated to improve the shape of the nose & breathing.

Rhinoplasty Types:

There are various techniques available for different types of correction

  1. Reduction Rhinoplasty : For Hump Nose - Removal of hump.
  2. Corrective Rhinoplasty : For Bulbous Nose, deviated nose.
  3. Augmentation Rhinoplasty : For Saddle Nose, correction of depressed nose.
  4. Nares correction : For wide and deformed nares.
  5. Nose Tip Plasty : Tip correction, narrowing of nasal tip, correction of deviated tip, elevation of nasal tip.
  6. Altering projection of nose: Reducing forward projection of nose.
  7. Narrowing of the broad nose: Upper part, lower part, size of the nostril.
  8. Secondary correction : When person is not happy with previous Rhinoplasty (With increased incidence or Rhinoplasty this types of correction is most common).

Crooked nose:

Due to accidental trauma, dislocation of nasal bones from usual place occurs thereby shape of nose become less beautiful or ugly. Most of us are exposed to trauma of the face during childhood and it is neglected or remain uncorrected. Due to dislodged position of bone, the margins remain dislocated and unopposed. As body grows, such dislocated margins of the bones and cartilage also grow. There is no resistance by contact and so this may overgrow. Due to such overgrowth of bone, air way in nose is blocked and the midline septum is deviated in all these case in 'S' shape fashion.

Why rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty is safe operation no mark of surgical wound seen on the nose surface. Person needs to stay only for 12-48 hours in the hospital.

Attractive nose influences the whole face and so it compensates for other less perfect facial features. Due to ugly appearance of nose, person hates his picture. He avoids to take picture. Even if patient wants to take picture he / she goes to unfamiliar photographer who may be staying far off and cares that only picture should be taken from good side or at the angle which shows minimum defect.

Procedure of Rhinoplasty:

There are two techniques-
1) open rhinoplasty and
2) closed rhinoplasty.
Open rhinoplasty technique is time consuming technique and produces better symmetry. Structures are sutured directly under vision. The incision is hidden and inconspicuous. In case of wide nostril, small incisions are made at the base of the nostril to narrow this area of nose, after few months, scar is almost invisible. After surgery, pain is mild. Nose pack is kept for 24-48 hours. Ice pack may be applied over the face to relieve swelling. Cast is placed over the nose for 7-10 days. Avoid strenuous activities after 2 weeks. Some patients have thick or oily skin which masks or reduces the results of the surgery.

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